Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Story of Thanksgiving

"This is a column to give thanks to you, the reader. You don’t know it, but some of you are keeping women like Sajida Bibi alive here in this remote Pakistani village. And that is a far grander reason to celebrate Thanksgiving than even the plumpest turkey."

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. As always, so thankful for my family and the ability to wake up everyday and go to work with the goal of making a difference through words. Warmest wishes to my friends and their families and loved ones. Peace.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching Up with Rex

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An inspiring story that will put a smile -- and a few tears -- on your face. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Too Soon

Don't call me a grinch, but the holiday season is depressing me. I think it hit me the week after Halloween. The elections were a great distraction, but it came and it's been coming ever since. What I speak of is the onslaught of holiday...uh...everything. I can't even choose a word for this. I think I'm feeling this because I feel Christmas is being "forced" on me -- us -- by department stores, advertisers, radio stations, televisions, ad nauseam. Let me warm up to the holiday season. Let me digest Halloween, acknowledge Thanksgiving before facing perhaps the most commercialized holiday out there. I don't know...perhaps I am being a grump. But with the way our economy is, I don't feel much like celebrating all that much. There are other factors for why I'm feeling this way, ones I'm trying to wrap my head around, ones I'm trying to deal with as hard as they may be. (Sigh) ... For me, the holiday season has always been a sad for me. When I was little, I told my dad that it was because I after Christmas, we wouldn't have any real holidays anymore for a while. (I know, something a 6 year old would say, or think.)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here, Here

Am dealing with a lot of rude people in my life right now. Everyone from mechanics, to store clerks, to friends I thought I had, to people who I thought cared about me. Perhaps this reverse etiquette will "save" me. And for the other people, I'll just let karma to its job.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cheney's Hometown Paper Endorses Obama

As a Wyoming ex-pat, I am darn proud of the Star-Trib for stepping outside of the redbox to publish this editorial; I know they were going against a whole lotta of grain:

By the Star-Tribune Editorial Board:

"It is a foregone conclusion that Wyoming's three electoral votes will go to Sen. John McCain. It would be easy for the Star-Tribune to simply agree with the majority of voters in this red state and endorse the Republican candidate for president. But this isn't an ordinary election, and Sen. Barack Obama has the potential to be an extraordinary leader at a time we desperately need one..."
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CNN article.