Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tired today. Long day at work: Started my day with assignment to track down a sex offender who violated parole, but got called off it to do a peanut butter cookie dough recall story. Schools were selling the product for fundraisers. Stumbled upon a good story in the process of this story. One of the school's band students were selling the cookie dough for a trip to China. Apparently these kids are pretty good and have made several tours in China. The superintendent invited me to go with the students, to which I replied, "YEAH." Only caveat, need a sponsor, and need my work to give me paid time off. I highly doubt the latter, since during the Beijing Olympics, they didn't even move an inch when I -- and other co-workers -- suggested I file reports from Beijing.

I volunteered tonight after work. Hard night. Fridge and pantry were empty. There was chicken and some tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, so I made a healthy cacciatore-like dish. NO pasta or rice! There was a lot of macaroni, so I boiled that and tossed it with the sauce. Finished it off with parmesan and served with some bread. I was sad because the shelter ran out of fruits and salad. I normally serve salad and fruit with dinner. I hope the ladies enjoyed their dinner. I enjoyed cooking it.

Will sign off after I knock out a few chapters in my book. Current read: Jonathan Franzen's "The Corrections." Night.

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