Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gym Etiquette

Just a few requests (cough, alright gripes) for people who go to the gym. I'm usually pretty zoned out at the gym. Total tunnel vision, concentrating on my workout and my breathing, in my own sweaty (TMI) bubble. But I do observe some behaviors that...well, I just have to blog about.

What precipitated me writing this? Hmm, probably the man who played musical treadmills tonight. I'm at the gym, headed straight for an empty row of treadmills. I go to one in the middle. Four treadmills to my left, a man starts clodding on the machine. He gets off and gets onto another one. Five seconds later, he moves to another one...and another....and another. He ends up right next to me. Seriously? All I could think about was Goldilocks sampling the porridge and beds of the three bears.

Here are some others:

1. Get off your cell phone. If you can talk and laugh, you're not working hard enough.

2. Spit out your gum. If you're smacking, popping or blowing bubbles, you're not working hard enough.

3. Wipe off the machines. I thank you if I were a CSI, but unfortunately I'm not, and I don't want to see or accidently touch your sweat.

4. Zip it. No one cares to hear your loud and annoying chatter. (Also, no one cares to listen to you try and sing out loud what's on your earphones.)

5. Bathe and do laundry. I get it, it's a gym. But there are also things called soap and deodorant. And ladies, there may be a "club" in your gym's name, but that doesn't mean you should treat it as a "club" and douse yourself in toxic perfume or air-freshener scented lotions. Clean gym clothes are always nice.

Stay tuned for my "requests" for drivers.

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