Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sorry for the dilatory post. In Africa. Left my heart -- and sunglasses -- in Tanzania and currently in Rwanda. Internet connection is spotty, as is the cold water that we use to shower. Love Africa and have enjoyed every minute of my volunteer project, Pictures, memories and details to come soon.

Have enjoyed being among the locals in the villages. Travel should be about exploring the food and immersing yourself in the culture. Can't stand travelers who go to foreign countries and go to the bars, clubs and nightclubs. (You're bound to hang out with ex-pats, righteous NGO's workers and non-profit volunteers who think they're holier than thou.) Seriously folks, you can do that in your own hometown. Not saying all non-profit volunteers are righteous, but they're out there.

Okay, will call it a night before the cold water stops and I have to do bucket showers.

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