Monday, January 28, 2013


Each morning I wake up giving myself goals to accomplish. They run the gamut -- from mini ones that may seem superficial to others, to big ones that could be steps toward life improvement -- eating breakfast, saying good morning to at least three strangers people before going into the office, finding that new job.

Lately, one goal I attain everyday is letting go. Sounds contradictory? Not so. Letting go of the things and the people that/who serve no purpose in your life can be one of the strongest things you can do. I'll have to admit, it's hard. I like to think we're all loyal creatures. We're loyal to sports teams, workout regimens, TV shows, friends, email accounts. But as I get older (and hopefully wiser), I've learned that "it's okay." Letting go of the people in my life who aren't honest, reliable, or a man of his word, is one of the easiest -- and liberating -- things to do.

I cherish the good people in my life -- my family, my friends, and three very special people (you know who you are) who I met through work in the most trying and challenging times, but who I've developed lifelong friendships. Thank you for being real, honest and there for me at the drop of a hat. You know I got your backs.

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