Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

After waiting three months, MTV viewers -- and yours truly -- were treated last night to a new Hills episode. I know, I know...it's a vacuous show and amatuerly edited; however, I'm intrigued by the lives of these 20-somethings. If you're not familiar with this show, it's a "scripted reality show" and follows the lives of rich, spoiled, somewhat ambitious people. It's based in LA with these young characters trying to climb the ladder in the fashion and music industries. It's one of my guilty indulgences, along with Trader Joe's new "Cookies withPerks"(espresso cookies with dark chocolate chunks) and pop music.


Midge said...

Thank you for my sweet birthday card, you are so thoughtful. I want some of those cookies and a trader joes closer than 4 hours away. The hills I can pass on.

May said...

You're welcome Marj :) Those cookies are yummy!