Sunday, April 13, 2008

New York State of Mind

I'm feverishly running down the stairs in heels, I hear the train approaching the Times Square stop, it takes me two swipes for my Metrocard to go through...this has been my dream for the past couple of days. I wake up right when I approach the platform. I'd been back a couple of times since I graduated from Columbia, and every time I visit, I encounter past and new experiences. Whether it's going to my favorite restaurants or meeting new people...there's just something. I was extremely happy this time around in the Big Apple because I didn't allow myself to get sucked back into the "bad" memories of NYC. It's too amazing of a place to allow that. I promise to blog more about my experiences and post some pictures as well. Right now, I need to try and get my circadian rhythms back in order.

(The picture was taken by my friend Adam McClure...who drove from Massachusetts to come see me! Thanks Adam)

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