Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ready, Set...

Go. That word pretty much sums up New York City. It can be used as a verb and an adjective. Everyone in the city is always on the "go," and Manhattan is just so "go." There's something about this it the fast-paced environment? the amazing subway station? the amazing variety of restaurants? the fact that the City never sleeps? the fact that it's a journalist's dream locale?... It's a combination of all of that, and then some. I often find myself romanticizing New York, though. I was talking to my friend/grad school roommate last night, and she said she's guilty of that too. She's living in Manhattan now, and admits that it's different when you live and work there -- especially if your job doesn't match the high cost of living. As a student, New York City is -- and was for me -- an amazing place in which to live. Unless I find an amazing job that I love and a salary that matches the rent, food and "going-out" costs, I think I'll continue romanticizing about NYC as an honorary ex-pat.

Some places I'm excited to revisit: Rice to Riches, Fairway, H&H Bagels, any pizza place...and a swath of other good restaurants.

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