Friday, May 2, 2008

Go Wyo

It's not that often that the New York Times cover small towns in Wyoming. Living two years in Wyoming did not make me a "Wyomingite;" however, I do feel a bond to the Cowboy/Equality state. So now, every time I see an article or news item about Wyoming, I get excited.


Midge said...

Oh you love Wyoming, don't deny it. That weekend we spent there was one of my funnest weekends ever. I think it had more to do with the friends I made and spent time with then the location. I'll keep a little spot in my heart for casper too.

May said...

Haha...Okay, okay I do have many fond memories of Casper and Wyoming, and a lot has to do with the friends I made. Of course I love it :) And I remember when you guys visited Casper -- that was fun.