Friday, February 29, 2008

Belated post

So sorry...I've been lazy with my posts as of late. Work has kept me busy. I really should jot down notes about what I want to blog about it when those thoughts come to me. I really didn't do much blogging this month, I think the whole leap year thing threw me yeah. Things have been relatively good. I did get hit badly with the 24-hour flu bug yesterday morning. I was fine Wednesday, but on Thursday morning I started feeling ill. I was sent home from work. I slept all day and drank seltzer water all night. Today, still a little light-headed but I should be fine. I'm getting ready for my trip to warmer weather this weekend. I'm excited and will post my travel stories soon.

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Midge said...

I swear everyone is sick. I've been sick for a week and a half and another blogger friend in NY is sick, friends here that I haven't been around are sick, what is going on. I think I should just stay home till summer.