Friday, June 27, 2008

Hear Me Out...

I hate to post a gripe on Friday, has to do with bad drivers. Having lived in big cities all my life, I never really had to drive much. In San Francisco I took the train and Muni, in New York I rode the subway, and in China, I walked and biked. In Wyoming, you pretty much had to drive everywhere to get anywhere. But I hated driving in Wyoming sometimes, especially during the winters. I always griped about how people in Wyoming didn't know how to drive on the highways, streets...that semi's went 80 mph on I-25. All of that was true, but bad drivers are everywhere. So sorry to Wyoming drivers for singling you out. Haha. Seriously folks, don't you hate it when you're driving and cars merge onto your lane without signaling? Or worse...when they speed to get into you lane, but then drive very slow. I haaaaate that. (Okay, breathe May, breathe.)

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