Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert 1950-2008

By now, you would have heard that Tim Russert passed away unexpectedly Friday afternoon. I was at work when I first got news. None of my co-workers believed it. It hadn't crossed wires yet, nothing on the internet. But after 10 minutes, a ping sounded from my computer.

"NBC News has confirmed that Tim Russert, host of 'Meet the Press,' has died. He was 58."

I was -- and am -- still shocked. We sat there watching Tom Brokaw deliver the news of Russert on TV; his honesty and sadness came through as his voiced cracked at times during the announcement. I watched the special edition of Nightly News with Brian Williams, and I saw Charlie Rose's program last night: both were devoted to Russert. I cried while watching both the programs, especially Charlie Rose's. There will definitely be an absence felt on Sunday mornings.

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