Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Ikea...

I'd only gone in to buy a lamp. Who knew it would become a 2-day adventure. I'm talking about Ikea. It's been several years since I last visited the Swedish home-furnishings mega-store. I went with my brother to the Ikea in East Palo Alto yesterday and I'd forgotten how humongous it was. We got lost looking for kitchenware. I got my lamp, assembled it when I got home, only to realize that it only took Ikea bulbs. So I returned today right when the doors opened. I picked up some other odds and ends along the way, and couldn't find my way back to my cart. I made a mad dash through the multi-level store in my flip-flops. Another reason for my heightened sense of panic was my cell phone, keys and Ikea coupon (yeah!) was in my cart...plus, I kept on turning the wrong corner. The ending to this story, I found my way back home.

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