Monday, September 29, 2008

"Young at Heart"

I've been wanting to watch this documentary for some time now, and finally got the chance to this weekend. It is an amazingly inspirational movie. It tells the story of a chorus made up of senior citizens; however, don't expect to hear standards and show tunes, these ageless chanteurs and chanteuses belt out R&B, hip-hop, pop and rock tunes. There are moments when you'll laugh and moments when you'll cry. There is a great scene in the documentary where the chorus director plays Sonic Youth's "Schizophrenia," and there's a montage of cutaways showing the reactions of the seniors. Perhaps one of the most touching scenes in the film for me, is when two ailing veterans of the group practice Coldplay's "Fix You." Beautiful. Please watch "Young at Heart" if you get a chance.

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Midge said...

I've heard about this one a few times on NPR and have thought about renting it, but reading your review I will have to get it. Thanks