Friday, February 6, 2009

And The Answer Is?

Always been bothered by Jeopardy contestants who beat their opponents by a buck. Take for instance tonight's final Jeopardy question. The category was music legends and the clue went something to the effect of "this person's obit in 2003 ended with 'fade to black.'" I immediately knew it was Johnny Cash. Gail, the returning champ wrote "Chris Farley," and the other two ladies wrote Cash. The second place lady doubled her $15,200 and ended with $30,400. But the night's winner -- who went into final Jeopardy with $15,600 -- wagered $14,801 to win with $30,401. Second place lady didn't look happy, and the camera quickly wiped to Alex. But I've just always wondered why people do that. Do they do it because a) they feel bad beating the person with a wide margin of money or b) they're vicious?

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