Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"You could read with one hand"

Jon Stewart returned tonight with a new episode and, as expected, he spoke about Hugh Jackman's hosting duties at Sunday night's Oscars. Stewart devoted his lead segment to the Oscars, and even had commentary by John Oliver. Hilarious! The Moment of Zen was oddly funny too. I think Jackman did a good job, but I secretly, kind of still love Stewart as a host. No, he doesn't have the "Hollywood" factor and his humor and intelligence are a hit-and-miss with the crowd. (I mean, seriously, not everyone in the audience reads publications other than US Weekly. And I have a sneaking suspicion that many don't watch shows that don't involve the words "Entertainment" or "Access.")

Anyway, Jeff Bezos was the guest. And honestly, I don't know what was funnier: the fact that Stewart brilliantly mocked Amazon.com's pricey Kindle 2 or Bezos's loud and abrupt laugh attacks. I found myself cracking up really hard every time Bezos would laugh. When Stewart questioned whether the e-book reader would be practical, Bezos says, "you could read with one hand." Classic.

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coffee said...

John Stewart is pretty dang funny so i can’t really blame Bezos for laughing like a crazy man