Saturday, December 22, 2007

Can it be that I like Michael Buble?

That was the question I asked my friend last night. After a late-night Christmas shopping marathon session, I remained dubious that any holiday hymn or jingle would make me happy and cheery. But halt, I found myself listening to Michael Buble's version of "Let it Snow," and enjoying it. Once I got home, I went on iTunes and got his "Let It Snow" album, and have been listening to it. Could it be that I like the guy who's last name looks like "Bubble?" So I like his Christmas album, and that "Quando, Quando, Quando" song on his "It's Time" album. I'm not embarassed to say I like him. Hey, this is coming from the girl who is in the Yanni fan club -- 10 years and counting.

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nic said...

Yeah, Michael Buble is good in a cheesy, vocal kind of way, tho I prefer the Rat Pack. But Yanni...?