Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ever have one of those...

... weeks where you just keep having mini-accidents? Well I'm having one of those weeks, either that or I'm just plain clumsy. Yesterday I went over to my friend’s house, and when we were walking her two dogs (a pug and pekingese), I bent over to tie my shoelaces, and her pug freaked out over another dog and dragged his leash across my wrist. I knew it was bad because it stung like #%*! I looked down to assess the damages, and saw that I got "rope burn." The leash rubbed against my skin and took a small strip of it away. So now I have this white strip on the top of my wrist. I can tell people I got implanted with a microchip at cocktail parties. Ha!

Today, I burned my hand on pasta sauce. At the gym, I knocked my thigh against a stationary bike. Coming home from the gym, I slammed the side of my knee against my car door. That one hurt. It was raining pretty hard, and I was trying to get out of my car and into my house quick, so I guess I slammed the door against my leg. Now I'm sporting a bump and an extra large blueberry. I'm bracing myself for tomorrow.

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