Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mi Familia, Ma Famille

Here are some of my beautiful cousins with the birthday girl, who by the way rocked that dress. I'm sure anyone who's photographed children know that it can -- at times -- be difficult. My cousin Jan was also taking photos next to me, so you can see that some several of the little ones were a bit distracted in some shots.

(From left to right: Elaine, Shirley, Jimmy, Jamie and Winnie), two, three...and we have the proverbial arm in the shot.

My favorite picture.
The three sisters (Elaine, Shirley and Winnie) in the red, yellow and pink sweaters, respectively, are absolutely precious...mostly because they're so polite and sweet.

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Midge said...

So cute. Kids are hard, I try to just get candid shots, but it's cute to see them all distracted too. You should try having one of those, they are fun!