Monday, July 14, 2008

You Get What You Pay For

Not too long ago, I slightly hinted that I liked Ikea. Their stuff's cheap and cute. But let's be honest, the quality is not the best. My coffee table is wobbly and one of my bookshelves is about to collapse. But for those on a tight budget, it's not a bad option. So these aforementioned attributes made Ikea somewhat attractive to me...that is until I experienced their Returns/Exchanges line.

First, you just don't wait in line, you need to get a number like how you need one at a bakery or a butcher shop. (By the way, do they still do that?) My first attempt at returning a bookshelf was futile. I pulled number 90, and they were serving number 70. I guess, the line could have moved fast, BUT, the employees were extremely slow. After each customer return, they would slowly print out these barcode stickers, place them on the items, and then disappear behind these plastic curtains like the ones in walk-in meat freezers. After about 20 minutes of waiting, I left. I returned to Ikea today, and the wait was much slower, but again, but still draining.

Ikea is like a combination of Costco, Wal-Mart and Target. You push around truck carts, walk down big aisles, get items at wholesale prices but then there's a bit of panache and "artistic flair," if you will. Ikea just opened their 35th store in New York City. My gosh, I can just see mad New Yorkers flock to the Ikea in Brooklyn's Red Hook section just south of the BQE. I guess, as you wait for your number to be called to return a tablecloth, you can enjoy the views of Lady Liberty and Manhattan. Again, Ikea's cheap...but the parking lot, the feeling that you're lost, not finding items listed in their catalog, and the dreaded Returns/Exchanges line. Yep, you get what you pay for.

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Midge said...

Yeah but they have breakfast for 1.99 that I can share with Ike, oh and there coffee is yum! but I hear you.