Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The First of Many Pebble Beach F&W Pics

Having a hard time fall asleep tonight. Love the the warm temps, unfortunately hate the sore throat that came with it. I have a jug of lemon water on my nightstand, hopefully that will help me.

Going through my Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival pictures. Have a lot, but half of the pictures I took didn't come out because I had a bad SD card (fail). But what I have, is good. So instead of inundating my blog with pics, I've decided to create an album on Facebook as well as Flickr. I will still post some pics on my blog and through Twitpic. The first batch of photos will be from Thursday (opening night reception at Spanish Bay). Unfortunately, many of the food and wine pics I took on Thursday disappeared. I have pics from the celebrity golf tournament saved on my work computer, and will post those tomorrow. (Darn, forgot to write down which restaurants made these dishes. And I lost the pictures of Daniel Humm's sturgeon sabayon as well as Roy Yamaguchi's spicy tuna roll and fish and braised beef ragout. I didn't photograph one of my favs of the night: Cyrus's oxtail consomme with umeboshi -- Oishii!!!!!)

Homemade marshmallow smore with chocolate ganache and avocado sauce.

One of my favorites of the night: buttermilk poached trout with trout roe -- unbelievable!

Tequila marinated shrimp. I think it was Patron. Need I say more?

The light was really nice. Unfortunately the person taking the photo had shaky hands. This was in Spanish Bay.

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