Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bye Bye Long Hair

I had to part with my hair yesterday. One of my bosses called me into her office to let me know that "they" like me to cut my hair so I look "older." Apparently, I still look like I'm in high school -- even with a suit on! I'm all about looking polished and professional, especially in my field, but I miss my long hair already.

I called my go-to stylist in San Francisco (she's terrific, inexpensive and knows my hair) and told her that I needed to look "older," but not matronly. She aggreed that my Victoria Secret style hair didn't fit my job. Haha. I think my hair is short, but Joanne (my stylist) says it's just because I got used to my long hair. She did really great layers, and gave me some blunt bangs that I could wear messily for a really cute, young look. She tried some different styles on me, and said no matter which way I comb my hair, I'll still look young. My mom says my new haircut makes me look even younger! Yikes, so instead of being a teen, I'm a tween!

I'll post some pictures of my new do in the next few weeks, I need to let my hair grow out a bit. In the meantime, this is basically what my haircut looks like.

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