Friday, January 4, 2008

Raining in the New Year

Happy New Year everyone. The San Francisco Bay Area ushered in the new year with a powerful storm. I thought my days squishing around in soggy sneakers were over once I left Wyoming--I am glad I don't have to drive in snow and scrape ice off my windshields. Yesterday, we got deluged in the first of a series of storms and today was wet, windy and cold. Driving this morning felt like I was manuevering through a tempest. I got soaked running in and out of my car, and I chose not to use an umbrella. When you combine pounding rain and heavy winds, umbrellas are just a lost cause. I guess I got more soaked because all my Northface jacket was the only thing shielding me from the rain. It did the job, but Mother Nature dominated.

Try driving on this bridge. Officials eventually closed this bridge as breakers climbed onto the bridge.
Police closed one lane along San Francisco's waterfront because the Bay was a' churnin'.
Yeah. Bad commute.

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