Sunday, January 27, 2008


So the other night I locked myself out of my car. That was inconvenient, but there's more. A) My car was running; B) It was cold and stormy; c) My purse and everything inside my RUNNING car; D) Did I mention it was cold and my car was running?

I called my brother to call Triple A's roadside assistance for me. I wait...two guys show up and start working on my car. Minutes later, I hear a lot of swearing. Apparently, one of the guy's equipment is broken. He and the other guy talk for a bit as I stand behind them. This is all happening while it's pouring. The guys mumble something to me and say something about "another driver." At this point, I had no idea what was going on. I called Triple A again, and they said they had a driver coming in less than 2 minutes, I asked if it were the same two guys that left me in the rain and the operator said no and replied, "You mean they just left you there?"
Finally, another person comes to unlock my car. At this point, I was outside in the rain for 30 minutes. The repairman was nice and told me I could wait in his car. He too asked me, "You mean they just left you here?" I helped him with the flashlight (I just wanted to get into my car). He had a very difficult time opening the door, and it didn't help that it was cold and rainy.

After an hour, my car door was opened. But it wasn't over just yet...I'm drenched, I have like two leaves in my hair. I drive to my parking space to find a huge SUV there, so I had to wait for them to move. Walking to my apartment, I stepped into a huge puddle of muddy water...tripped going up the stairs. I finally make it inside.


Midge said...

Are you kidding me. That sucks I'm sorry. Your story definatly beats out over mine. hope you stay dry and warm from now on.

Bill said...

I've done that before, and my car was running on fumes, too -- ran out of gas before the locksmith got there. Wheeeeee