Friday, January 18, 2008

My Haircut...Gimme more

Some of you have inquired about the condition my hair-related injuries (Thank you), and I'm pleased to announce that the burn mark on my left cheekbone has healed and disappeared. I still have a small mark on my neck (that...if you forgot, was also a large-barrel curling iron accident.) I'm beginning to get the hang of my new shorter haircut; however, I still have my hair withdrawals. I know, I I want cheese with that whine? Haha. I purchased some hair products with which to experiment. I never used products on my hair except the occasional spritz of hairspray on my noggin to calm fly aways when I sat on the anchor desk. My stylist insisted that I use products, especially with my shorter do. Now I use mousse and pomade. The pomade is a texturizing creme that gives you the "piecey, layered" look. I used it this morning, and my hair looks "piecier." Thanks for indulging me in all this hair talk.

This is what I used this morning on my hair. It actually works! It's not sticky, and you can really "texturize" your hair. If you have layers in your hair, this stuff makes it stick out.

Oh, and P.S. I haven' posted a picture of me yet with my short haircut. It's mainly because I want it to grow it out a bit. I tend to put my hair up in a pony tail at the end of my workday, which actually looks better (I think) than having it down. The ponytail shows off my bangs and layers more. The only downside of having long bangs and short hair is when I workout, my ponytail falls out and I need to wear a clip to keep the hair out of my eyes. I bet all the guys are loving this post...Haha.

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