Monday, January 21, 2008

Man Boobs

We live in an era of vanity. Plastic surgery is the answer for many who constantantly search for beauty and perfection. For women, boob jobs, lipo, lips impants top the lists. For men, nose jobs, eyelid surgery and hair transplants are the orders. The San Francisco Chronicle ran an article this weekend titled, "More men turning to implants for chests of gold." Chests of gold, eh? Rather an interesting read. According to the article, "men" needed to feel manly in the 20th century thus the need for pecs. For "men," a strong chest symbolizes a man's man. So how much does a pec job put you back? Around $7,000-$9,000.

Here's the full article for your reading amusement.

(UPDATE: I removed the ginormous photos of the man boobs that accompanied this posting. It was a bit too "boob-y" for me. You can, however, see the pictures if you read the articles.)

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